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Winner Takes All – Baby Shower Game

Winner Takes All – Baby Shower Game

This is a great babyshower game, and best used near the end of the babyshower.

You'll need:

A Bottle of All Detergent
A Bank for the Baby
Here are some quick instructions of what to do:

At this point, guests should be comfortable enough with each other, especially after playing a few other games, and mingling.

  1. Explain that the game is called “WINNER TAKES ALL”, and that you will collect any amount of money from each guest, no matter how much or how little they are willing to give. Tell them that the person who comes closest to guessing the total amount in the bag wins all. (Be sure to only say wins all and not win "it" all.)
  2. Collect the money from the guests and place it in a bag.  Preferably a paper bag or fabric sack would be ideal.  Do not let the guests who are playing see how much the other guests are putting in the bag. 
  3. Count the money away from the guests (of course).
  4. While you are counting the money, have the guests write down their name and their guess on a piece of paper.
  5. Come back in and collect the pieces of paper.
  6. Whoever guesses the closest to the amount collected WINS.
  7. Remember to say WINNER takes ALL.
Instead of getting money, they get a big bottle of ALL detergent. The money goes to the parents.To make this even cooler, you can transfer the money to a baby bank.

Yup, so actually they will a bottle of ALL, but they also helped the new baby and the parents.

It’s a very fun game, and people are surprised all the time that they don’t get money. Everyone gets a kick out of it.

Try it at your next baby shower. I am sure it will be hit! If it is, mention that you heard about it from Wee Bit Trendy! Thanks!

Now you can tweak this game as you like, our suggestions:
  • Everyone who is going to play at least puts a dollar in the bag.
  • “Price is Right Rules” apply, you have to guess the amount without going over.

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