Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Random Facts about Me!

Learn a little about Ni, the person behind Wee Bit Trendy. I'm a down to earth kinda girl who loves her husband, her kids and her chocolate! In addition to being creative, I'm a lovable girl.

1. I’m a mom of two princesses, 10 years apart
2. I love milk chocolate
3. Being creative really makes me feel happy
4. I use to write poetry a lot when I was younger, I even won awards
5. I love Reality TV (don’t judge me)
6. Volunteering is something I really love to do.
7. I love to work with my hands, why buy when you can DIY
8. Gees Louise is one of my favorite phrases
9. I’m a Gladiator in a Suit (and heels)
10. I can get lost for hours in a craft store (and Target too)

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Phone Number Safety Bracelet by Wee Bit Trendy

Phone Number Safety Bracelet

A bracelet that's perfect for your toddler or big kid. It can help them learn their phone and works great if your child gets lost.

Whether you just send your child to school, they go on a field trip, or a trip to the mall. Putting this bracelet on will help your child if ever lost.

You can personalize the bracelet with any ten digit phone number and the bracelet can be sized to fit your child. You can also choose the colors for your boy or girl.

Please use supervision at all times possible when child is wearing the bracelet to avoid a choking hazard.

Gives you a peace of mind while out and about with your tot (or big kid).

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Shower Game: Baby Gift Bingo

Baby Gift Bingo

Make up a set of blank bingo cards (it's easy to find a printable version online).

Pass them out to the guests before the gifts are opened, and have them fill in the squares with the kinds of gifts they think the parents-to-be will receive.

Each square must have a different item in it.

As each gift is opened, if a guest has that item in one of her squares, she puts an X over it.

Whenever a guest ends up with a complete row of X's, she calls out "Baby Bingo!" and wins a small prize.

This keeps all eyes on the parents-to-be as they opens gifts and is lots of fun.


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baby Shower Game: The Gift of Advice

The Gift of Advice


As each guest arrives, ask her to write down her name and a small piece of parenting advice for the new mother. If a guest doesn't have kids, she can share something her own parents did that was helpful.

Later, as the mom-to-be is opening each present, read aloud the advice offered by the person whose gift is being opened.  It's sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Shower Game: Round the Tummy

It’s time for another Baby Shower Game!

Here is one of our favorites, and a very traditional game that sure to be fun!


Game: Round The Tummy
Supplies: String or yarn, scissors

Each guest must pull the string or yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mother-To-Be’s tummy.

After everyone cuts their string or yarn, compare the results to the Mommy-To-Be’s actually tummy.

Whoever is the closest is the winner!

This is a baby shower favorite!

Tip: If Mommy-To-Be doesn’t feel comfortable with having her belly measured by each guest, have the host measure mommy to be’s tummy accurately, and cut the string. The host can then use that piece of string to compare to measure against the guests.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Win A Free Chemo Care Package From Wee Bit Trendy

We are giving away a Free Chemo Care Package in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To enter, visit our website http://www.weebittrendy.com  

Includes: Lemon Drops, washcloth lollipops (washcloth, fork and spoon), Kleenex, tot pop, hand sanitizer, deck of cards, coupon book, bottled water, straws, tote bag, cozy cupcakes, hand lotion, and lip balm.  The items are wrapped in cellophane and tied with a tag that lists the contents and their uses. Great for some who is going through chemotherapy.

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