Monday, June 4, 2012

Take A Leap Diaper Cake!

Take A Leap Diaper Cake!

First, let,  me say we LOVE making items for little boys! Wee hardly get a chance to show the boys some love so we were so happy to get this order for CJ.

We present to you the Take A Leap Diaper Cake!

This cake is made with 70-100 Diapers, Johnson & Johnson Travel Products, 3 Washcloths, 1 Pacifier, 3 Squeaky Frog Toys, 3 Washcloth Lollipops, and lot of LOVE!

I had sooooo much fun making this :-)

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The Great Nurse-In!

Photo Credit: Great Nurse-In Facebook Page
 Wee support the Great Nurse-In!

The nation's biggest display of public breastfeeding is set for this summer. - Kim Hays

We proudly support the Great Nurse-In! I breastfeed my daughter and love to support our breastfeeding moms!

What is the Great Nurse-In?

A gathering August 4, 2012 on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building to raise awareness about breastfeeding in public!  The goal is to normalize nursing for today's society and future generations by promoting public breastfeeding.

Great Nurse-In
August 4, 2012 - 9 am to 4 pm
U.S. Capitol Building - West Lawn
Washington, DC

We checked out the Facebook page and according to Rachel Papantonakis, "there have been too many news stories lately about women being told they can't feed their babies in places where they are legally allowed to do so, and personal accounts from friends who have been chastised for nursing in public or haven't even tried for fear of being told not to. The time has come for this to end.  We'll gather together, breastfeeding moms and supporters united, on the U.S. Capitol's West Lawn for the day and normalize nursing. All are welcome - nursers, non-nursers, men, women, children."

The Great Nurse-In wants to:
- Promote Laws that allow women to breastfeed in public places
- Educate others to help them understand breastfeeding is natural and normal. It's no different from other feeding methods.

 - Make breastfeeding a common sight to encourage future generations to breastfeed their children.

For more information check out their Facebook page:

Wee think this is a great idea and Wee Support!

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