Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Shower Game: Make Mommy to Be A Hat

This is a quick cute baby shower game that is played at most baby showers.  It's a traditional game made to help the guest of honor stand out more! 

When sending out invitations, ask the guests to put lots of bows and ribbons on their presents when they wrap them, most guests will do this anyway.  Get a paper plate and turn it upside down.  As mommy to be opens her gifts, remove the bows and ribbons neatly from the package.  Glue, tape or staple the bows and ribbon to the top of the plate to create your hat.  Pile on as many bows and ribbons as you possibly can until all the gifts are open.

Once you have your hat, take a piece of string or ribbon and put it on mommy's head and tie it under her chin.  She has to wear this hat until it falls off on it's own, or until time is up.  We usually make her keep it on until a few pictures are taken of the guest of honor by herself, and with daddy to be.

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