Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taste Testers Anyone?


Okay, not 'taste testers', but we want you to try our faux sweets (diaper cakes, washcloth lollis, washpops, washcloth cupcakes and more), and tell us what you like about them, or don't like, etc etc.

We would love for you to leave a review right on our Facebook Fan Page in the review section or leave a comment on our MySpace Page!! If you have neither, that's fine, just shoot us an email.

All you have to do is complete the form below, (We ask for NO Personal Information).

After completing the form, different people will be asked to test different products, we will ship it free, and you DO NOT have to pay for it.

Once you get it, try it out and simply tell us what you think. Short, Sweet and Simple. The product is yours to keep. If we really like your review, we may ask you to become a 'regular'.

Here is the link once again:

Every person who signs up is not guaranteed to become a product tester. Every person will not receive a free product. You can not choose the product you want. it's very random, but we will try our best to get as much involvement from different sources as we can.

Wee Bit Trendy
(215) 531.7755
Ebay: Wee Bit Trendy Boutique
Facebook Fan Page: Wee Bit Trendy
MySpace: www.myspace.com/weebittrendy

P.S. - Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested.

Pictures of our Creations:

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1 comment:

Winchuck River Store & Electric Powered Kayak said...

Came in from eBay blogs...see it works to say something! I have a friend from babyslingpro.com that you probably could link with or something beneficial to you both. Her name is Wendy. She is active on Facebook and MySpace also. She also uses Little Lovies as a name. Great work here woman! Congrats.


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