Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank You Note

We are so very excited to share a Thank You Note from one of our happy mommies. In a previous blog post, you may have seen a product we created for Elisabeth.

Elisabeth was so overjoyed at the shower, and with her gift that she sent this thank you to us and everyone that participate in her affair.

A Very Special Thank You To ALL I'm really glad that you could comeAnd help surprise my mother sit down, relax, enjoy yourselvesand chat with one anotherSorry I can't be with youto join in Mommy's showerBut I'm very busy you seeI'm growing more each hourThough I'm not there to thank youfor the lovely gifts you've broughtmy family is gratefulwe appreciate the thoughtI'll be arriving shortlyand I'm as happy as can beso, after I've been home awhileplease come and visit me From Baby IsaiahJ And Mommy Elisabeth

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