Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Shower Bingo with A Twist!

Everyone loves a little Bingo now and then, and most of us have played our fair share of your traditional game at a Baby Shower. However, if you want a modern twist to your average baby shower game, try Baby Shower Bingo with a Twist!

Hand out blank bingo-style cards and have guests fill in the squares with gifts they think mom-to-be will receive. As presents are opened, players check off the corresponding squares. Whoever gets five in a row calls out "Baby Bingo" and wins. If nobody gets a bingo, whoever predicts the most gifts correctly wins.

This is also a very easy Do-It-Yourself game.  Instead of having to print out images on card, you can just print blank boxes on cards, or blank pieces of paper.  Makes for an easy and affordable game.

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