Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Shower Game: Who's the Celebrity Baby?

Who's the Celebrity Baby? 

This games goes great with a Celebrity Baby Shower, A Hollywood Baby Shower, A Star is Born themed shower and more!

Although everyone it's a celebrity buff, everyone LOVES babies.

Have guests put their celeb-baby knowledge to the test with this game,

You'll Need
  • Collect a big assortment of pictures of celebrity babies and their parents
    •  You can cut pictures out of magazines or even print them from the internet.  Just do a google search or checkout our Pinterest Board of Celebrity Babies.  Simply save them to your desktop and print them, or even have them printed by a local photo printing store like Walgreens or Target, both stores have one hour printing. 
  • Masking tape 
  • Pens and paper 

  • Assign a number to each celebrity baby. 
  • Hold up or pass around the picture
  • Give the guests 10 minutes to name as many celebrity baby and pictures as they can

The person with the most correct matches is the winner. Prize Give the winner an assortment of cheesy (but highly enjoyable) tabloid mags.

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