Friday, May 25, 2012

Please VOTE for Us in the Supermompreneur Makeover Contest

 Please vote for us in the Supermompreneur Makeover Contest!  We told our story about our business and why we should win (see below).  Click here to vote for us! You can vote once per day

I got into the diaper cake business after hosting my first baby shower. I really wanted to have a diaper cake as the centerpiece for the table, but it would not fit in the budget, so I made my own. I was always a creative person, so it came very easy to me and I had fun doing it. My first diaper cake was a HIT! After a few orders from friends, and more satisfied customers, I decided to make it my business. I not only create diaper cakes but other baby shower gifts, favors and services.

What makes my business unique is that each and every item is handmade and no two items are exactly alike. I put a personal touch on everything I make to ensure that I get a smile from the mom to be and cool points for the gift giver.
One of my personal mompreneur heroes is my own mother. My mom has been a seamstress for over 30 years. She has pretty much always ran her own business whether she has had a storefront or not and it has been very successful through the years. She’s worked long days and nights, but the passion for her craft along with her origianlity and creativity inspires me as a businesswoman.
Stay organized, prioritize and always take time for yourself. Being a mom is a juggling act and to add a business to the mix can keep you on your toes. Be sure to take some time for yourself. Keeping your supplies organized can go an extremely long way.
It’s okay to have someone help you. A lot of the time as mom we have a “I can do it all” attitude without realizing it. My daughter often asks if she can help me even with some of the smallest things. The times I do let her, whether it’s just preparing the supplies or helping me tidy up, the assistance really goes a long way.
Wee Bit Trendy is ready for a makeover because we believe Volusion can help give us the right mix in the website we need and want. We currently have a web domain where we join together information, our Etsy store and our blog because it’s the easiest and most affordable way to keep costs down yet reach our customers. With Volusion’s help we can get a shopping cart store and website all in one without a ton of fees. It would also be easy to add products to one location rather than having our business spread across three sites. We have been in business for a few years and a great website where we had full control and could sell our products affordably would be key to expanding our business.

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