Monday, July 20, 2009

Battle of the Blogs Winner!

Wee Bit Trendy was recently in a Battle of Blog Contest hosted by Shamara @ Power99.

Power 99 is our #1 local radio station, and our Midday Princess, Princess Shamara hosts a radio show from 10am to 2pm, which is very entertaining to say the least. Shamara is also a big fan of twitter, and hosts different contest from time to time such as Twigga of The Day, and Twiggette of The Day. Her latest contest included a Battle of The Blogs.

Wee Bit Trendy was up against Real Talk Real Thoughts Real Feelings and we won!

Wee Bit Trendy 68.42%
Real Talk Real Thoughts Real Feelings 31.48%

We would like to thank Shamara, Twitter, and everyone who voted for us! Thanks much!

Take a walk through the Princess Palace and visit Shamara:
Power 99
Iheart Radio
Follow her on twitter here @shamara99 (she follows back, and interacts!)

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