Monday, July 13, 2009

Strawberry Chocolate Diaper Cake w/ Matching Stork Basket

Check out the newest addition to our family!

.:: The Strawberry Chocolate Diaper Cake ::..

This was made especially for Baby Sanai, due August 2009! The baby shower decor was pink, brown and white. A lot of the items on the baby shower registry were pink and brown, so we baked up a diaper cake to match!
The diaper cake includes: about 70 Size 2 Diapers, Desition Diaper Rash Cream, 2 Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Lotion, Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Wash, Johnson's and Johnson's Shampoo, 3 Washcloths, 3 Washcloth Lollipops, and a very very Soft Pink Teddy Bear! We topped it off by adding Sanai's name to the cake in pink letters.

The cake matched perfectly with the decor, and was a perfect centerpiece.
Along with the diaper cake, we decided to throw in a matching item.
.:: The Strawberry Chocolate Stork Basket::..
The Stork Basket includes 10 Size 2 Diapers, A Fleece Blanket,
and a cute little resuable bow. For this one, we also added safety pins embellishments.

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