Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Simple: Just Re-Gift It!

In Today's world, re-gifting can be frowned upon, but has come to the rescue! Simply Re-Gift It offers a line of reusable gift bags, but that's not it.

The company's line of Gift Bags come with blank spaces for your little ones to color and custom, and (this is the best part), a unique registration number used to track the bag's journey as it moves from one gift receiver to the next.

As the bag is passed on, each recipient colors a portion of the bag and adds their own note to the new received.

Once it has traveled to three people, a label can be printed to mail the design portion of the bag back to the company and each of the previous gift-givers will receive an email with photos of the final design!

On the website, they say "We took a simple, practical and NOT-SO accepted concept of RE-USING and RE-GIFTING fine-quality gift bags and made it legitimate."

This site is pretty cool, and over here at Wee Bit Trendy we love the concept!

"The mission is to assist you in teaching children the importance in the development of a greener society. What a better way than to not only teach your child but to help 3 additional children to learn as well! "

The Friendship Gift Bags run are $7.95 

10 x 13 x 5
Heavy Weight and Durable
Unique Bag Registration Code
Web Interactive
Individually Wrapped

Check out the site here for more information:



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