Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wee Bit Trendy's Lemon Lime Washcloth Candies

Check out our newest addition to the family!  A set of 6 washcloth lemon lime candies!  Who doesn't love candy.  We baked up 6 washcloth candies in different flavors and found cute packaging to match.  We added our own special touch with ribbons and bows!  This also comes with an ingredient list!  

Sooo cute!

1/2 dozen Washcloth Candies in the following flavors:

2 Orange Creme Drop
1 Lemon Sprinkle Drop
1 Mint Sprinkle Drop
1 Lemon Drop 
1 Orange Sprinkle Drop

Comes in matching packaging, embellished with bows, complete with an ingredients list.

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