Sunday, April 25, 2010

Strawberry Cream Washcloth Lollipop Set

Check out our newest addition to the family! This is one of favorite items, the Strawberry cream Washcloth Lollipop set. Not only is it cute and pink, but it comes with hairbows. Look closely, can you find them? The pink bows with rhinestones are actually hair bows.

The set comes with 2 washcloth lollipops and 2 hairbows. Go to our SHOP to buy this!

Wee Bit Trendy's

Strawberry Cream Washcloth Lollipop Set

A set of 2 Strawberry Cream Washcloth Lollipos with Hairbows! Here's what you get:

* 2 Creme washcloths
* 2 Strawyberry washcloths
* 2 Spoons (white spoons with pink centers)
* 2 Hairbows (the hairbows are the little pink bow with the rhinestone in the middle they actually attach with velcro, to make for a cute, easy safe hairbow for baby girl.
*Gift Tag Included!

All wrapped in a cute gift bag, complete with an ingredients list.



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